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Introducing Tribale Yachts

Tribale Yachts specialize in building unique and innovative crossover yachts: vessels that give you the freedom and range to explore remote regions of the world, without compromising on comfort or style.

Designed and constructed in Italy, Tribale Yachts integrate the strength and autonomy of explorer or expedition yachts with the sculptural lines and elegant design of traditional flybridge motor yachts.

Tribale Yachts’ range of crossover yachts is built to handle rough seas and engineered for optimal fuel efficiency, enabling  long-distance cruising.
Large enough to accommodate owners, guests and crew comfortably, yet small enough to access secluded bays and ports, these yachts embody the spirit of adventure. 

Inside, the sophisticated, expertly-designed interiors ensure absolute comfort and an unparalleled lifestyle at sea. Generous volumes and a carefully considered configuration create spacious, flowing interiors filled with natural light

Our blue planet is a wondrous place, with countless destinations waiting to be explored. Tribale Yachts give you the freedom to escape the ordinary and embark on voyages of discovery.

RA764 RPHTribale E0014.jpg


Tribale Yachts was founded on the conviction that yacht ownership shouldn’t mean choosing between performance and aesthetics: we believe you should be able to have both.

Our range of crossover yachts was created to offer the best of both worlds: the rock-solid construction and advanced engineering of an explorer yacht, the elegant lines of a flybridge motor yacht, and clean, contemporary interiors that blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor environments. 

RA764 RPHTribale E0230.jpg
RA764 RPHTribale E0256.jpg


Exceptional quality is part of Tribale Yachts’ DNA. Every aspect of our yachts – large or small – has been considered, researched, tested and fine-tuned to ensure that we not only use the best materials available, but that we also employ the finest craftsmen, who will produce the flawless finishes and infuse their artistry into the smallest details.


Exploration and adventure is our inspiration. Safety is our priority. Each vessel is designed, engineered, and built to handle open ocean conditions which, along with the improved fuel efficiency, allows you to set sail for distant shores with complete peace of mind.

RA764 RPHTribale E0233.jpg
RA764 RPHTribale E0226.jpg


Our yachts are the result of years of product research and development. Each one of our vessels harnesses the latest technology and is equipped with state-of-the-art systems to enhance performance, improve safety and create memorable experiences.


At Tribale Yachts, we take pride in our diverse portfolio of maritime excellence. Rooted in a singular philosophy of uncompromising quality and innovation, each of our product lines embodies the essence of luxury and performance. Whether you seek the exhilarating freedom of the open seas aboard our sleek catamarans, the versatility and adventure of our crossover vessels, the exploration of distant horizons with our rugged explorers, or the refined elegance of our luxury tenders, you'll find that every Tribale creation is crafted with precision and passion. No matter which vessel you choose, rest assured that you're embarking on a journey defined by unparalleled comfort, cutting-edge technology, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Discover the Tribale difference and elevate your maritime experience to new heights.


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